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Plant Sciences

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Environmental Sciences

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Oxygen/Hydrogen/Irga/Fluoroscence Measuring Based System For Measurement of Photosynthesis in Liquid Phase (Suspension of Chloroplasts, Algae etc.) and in leaves.

Portable and laboratory leaf area, root lengh meters and image analysis systems.

Gas Analysers

Field portable plant stress measurement system:
 Pea plant efficiency analyser is a field portable chlorophyll fluorescence analyser.

Portable and bench top analysers etc. Psychromenter, Spectral Radiometers, UV-Radiometers and all kinds of toxic gas analysers with and without data loggers .

Environmental Monitoring and Weather Stations Having:
Data Acquisition unit upto 100 Channels, cable to withstand rough environment, data and power regulator/charge management module, with an RS232 port and IBM compatible software for graph plotting and transport of data to other packages for further analysis, display and reports. Can facilitate to communicate with palmtop/Notebook/Pentium/PCS.

Operating Power: Mains, Battery, and Solar pannel

Host of Sensors: 
Hydrogen sulphide , Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen, Chlorine, pH, Ozone, Hydrocarbons etc. and wind speed, wind direction,temperature , relative humidity, rain dall, barometric, evaporation pan with pressure transducer, UVB radiation, Net radiation, solar radiation, tensiometer, soil moisture, soil temperature, quantum par.

Communication: Palm-Top H.P./ EPSION series 3A organiser 2MB RAM, laptop, pentium, telephone, UHF

Auto Analysers: Automatic flow auto analysers for simultaneous determination of chemistry in waters and soils.


Water purification system:

All classes ranging from simple electric/steam distillation to reverse-osmosis and de-ionization covering HPLC as well as clinical grades.

Freezers Ranging from -22 Deg. C TO -85 Deg. C

Various types of liquid dispensing systems including micropipettes & electronic pipetting stations, dispensers, dilutors and autosamplers and peristalic pumps.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment: For cleaning small laboratory equipments also detergent specific to destroy HIV Virus.

Full Range Of Spectrophotometers  and

Spectrophotometers With host of accessories to suit all applications.

pH/mV/Ion/ Conductivity/Oxygen meters/Multiparameter Kits And Full Range Of Electrodes

Shakers And Water Baths:
Various types of shaking devices of different capacities for cell culture in petri dishes and flasks etc with provision for specific ambient conditions covering light/temperature and gases. Water baths and circulators covering wide temperature and capacity ranges.

Freeze dryers: 
Various models available covering vacuum concentrators, cold traps, molecular sieves and a host of accessories for bulk to specific use eg. drying in vials.

Gas Chromatograph and Gas generators

The Gow-Mac series 600 gas chromatograph represents a true combination of analytical instrumentation and computer technology.


Complete electrophoresis system including

Power Supplies,

This range of high voltage power supplies meets all modern requirements for electrophoresis and keeps costs lower than ever before. There are eleven models to choose from, all of which have equal features and the same design.

Gel apparatus,

Gel Dryers

UV lamps,
transilluminators, radiometers

A varity of viewing, documenting, imaging systems for analyzing gels to the exacting needs.

Vacuum concentrator

High speed non-refrigerated and refrigerated microcentrifuges.

CHNO/S Analyzers
Whether you are analyzing organic compounds, pharmaceuticals, fuels or oils, petrochemicals, refractories or polymers determining the Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Sulfur content is one of your lab's most basic and essential needs.