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All consumales for electron microscopy and photographic imaging attachments including films for all microscopy systems .

Hollow Cathode Lamps :
Compatiable with allmakes and models of atomic absorption spectrophotometers

Deuterium, Mercury, Tungsten-Halogen and Xenon Lamps
Photomultipliers and all types of cuvettes for all makes of UV-VIS spectrophotometers, spectrolurimeters, HPLC Detectors and CD spectrometers.

All Accessories For UV-VIS, IR & FTIR Spectrophotometers,

Magnetic Stirrers for CUVETTE. Temperature controller & also programmer for reaction kinetic and DNA/RNA/Proteins profile studies to fit all makes of spectrophotometers.

pH, Conductivity And All Solids State Ion Selective Electrodes for all makes of PH, conductivity, Ion meters, Analyzers, Titrators and Fermenters

Pressure Decomposition/Digestion Vessels (Patented): Decompose/Digest in an ordinary ovan all solids, rocks. Sediments, Refractory materials, Clays, Catlysts, Precious Metal, Residues, Biological, Environmental samplers for all major/traces and volatile elements for analysis by AAS, XRF, ICP and DCP etc.

And PTFE Beakers.

Consumables For All Make Of CHN Analyzers.

Various types of Liquid Dispensing Systems including micropipettes & Electronic Pipetting stations, Dispensers, Dilutors and autosamplers and peristaltic pumps.