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Series 600 Gas Chromatograph

The GOW-MAC Series 600 Gas Chromatograph represents a true combination of analytical instrumentation and computer technology. However, it is the design and implementation of this technology that makes the Series 600 GC a unique instrument. In addition to an enhanced computer interface and ability to utilize eight different detectors, the Series 600 GC has been engineered for efficiency - from its modest "footprint" on the researcher's lab bench, to its utilization of GOW-MAC's patented detector technology, to its modular functionality.

Performance Excellence

The Series 600 Gas Chromatograph may be used in either isothermal or temperature programmable modes. In either mode, instrument operation is fast and easy with the 8 line EZ-view LCD display and touch keypad. The keypad allows for easy movement through the program menus. At the touch of a button, one can bring up the instrument's status, history of use, create and store methods or edit GC operating parameters. Each temperature programmable method accommodates up to 10 ramps and provides for the selection of column oven conditions: initial time and temperature, rate and final time and temperature (450C maximum).

Temperature circuits are continuously monitored and recalibrated once every second. The history of the column oven and its use is recorded every hour and stored in battery backed up memory. A separate engineer's record provides recalibration and service functions. The GC accommodates electronics and gas controls for two complete chromatographic channels with dual simultaneous outputs.

Programming Rate: 0.1C to 40C/min in 0.1C increments

Fast Oven Cooling: 300C to 50C in 5 minutes

Method Storage: 10 methods with individual security codes

Real time chromatograms displayed on LCD

The oven has a front opening door for easy access to a maximum of three columns. Dynamic air flow minimizes temperature gradients across the oven. An overheat protection circuit prevents thermal runaways caused by spiking or surging line current.

Single Board Computer

A multi-layered, single-board computer provides the intelligence for the Series 600 Gas Chromatograph. The functions of date, time, serial interface, display and keypad interface are controlled by the on-board computer. To enhance instrument diagnostics, each detector has its own PCB mounted into a single mother board, allowing for easy diagnostics.

Temperature Control

The Series 600 Gas Chromatograph can be operated at temperatures from ambient plus 5C to 450C. Operating temperatures are independently programmed and controlled at six locations: up to three injection ports, a maximum of two detectors and the column oven. The software allows for additional zones to be added for interfacing with additional after market accessories.

Pneumotic Controls

Direct acting, precision, independent controls for carrier and detector gases are standard. All controllers are easily accessible. They are located on the front panel of the GC under a see-through door to prevent accidental changes of preset values. Easy-to-read gauges allow for reproducing flow conditions.

Electronic Pressure Programming (E.P.P.)

The optional Pressure Programmer enables capillary column performance to be improved with faster sample though put, improved sensitivity and allows gentler treatment of columns.

Pressure Programs
Initial isobaric with dwell time plus 5 ramps; each ramp consists of a rate, a target upper pressure and dwell time.


The Series 600 Gas Chromatograph interfaces with the user through a simple keypad and a 256 x 128 element, EZ-view liquid crystal display. The display is backlit for ease of viewing at virtually any angle and can be adjusted for different lighting conditions. The keypad consists of a total of eight membrane keys. Three keys are dedicated to specific functions. Five soft keys are programmed with varying functions and are used to request the operation or section of the program required. Control of the GC is based on a menu system consisting of a series of pages. Each page in the menu is responsible for controlling a particular aspect of the chromatograph. The simple touch of a soft key brings the user into immediate control of the GC - real time chromatograms, editing features, method development and setup, etc.

Injection Methods

The Series 600 Gas Chromatograph supports up to three independently controlled injection modules to maximize efficiency, accuracy and reproducibility. Injection methods supported include:

Capillary Column Injection

Direct Capillary

Accommodates columns with 0.32, 0.45, 0.53 or 0.75 mm i.d. and lengths of up to 100 meters



Enhanced design with graphite ferrule seals and low flow septum purge reduces background noise and solvent peak tailing while minimizing sample contact with metal surfaces which lessens the possibility of thermal breakdown
Built-in septum purge with needle valve control for variable split ratio setting
Operates in either Split/Splitless or Direct On-Column injection modes.
Accomodates capillary columns from 0.20mm i.d. to 0.75mm i.d.
Packed Column Injection
Ideal for routine analysis
Dual or single column system, though three columns may be installed simultaneously
Select either 1/8" (standard) or 1/4" metal, or 2 - 3 mm i.d. glass columns
Direct sample injection to widebore capillary columns
Gas Valves and Liquid Sample Valves

GOW-MAC's Engineering Department will design a custom flow system for the Series 600 GC using 4-, 6-, 8- or 10-port valves. The GC accommodates virtually any configuration for optimum separation and precise quantification. Valves can be either heated or unheated, purged, made of corrosion resistant materials, or manual or pneumatic actuated.

Satellite Sampling Devices

The Series 600 GC has been designed to accept most commercially available aftermarket autosamplers, purge and trap samplers and cryo samplers.

Data Handling Systems

Using GOW-MAC's powerful PCI chromatography software package and interfacing with at least a 386 PC with Windows 3.1, a researcher can create methods, design custom reports, view calibration curves, acquire and process data, and create and run batch sequences from a single window. The GC provides one RS-232 serial port, one RS-422/RS-485 serial port and one parallel port for interfacing to modems, plotters and various other devices. The GC is also compatible with most commercially available data, i.e. reporting integrators and strip chart recorders.


The Series 600 GC can handle the application - environmental, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and flavor, solvent or industrial chemical. The GC will accommodate up to two independently temperature-controlled detectors that can be operated either singly, in series or in parallel modes.